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The Best Month to Sell Your Home in Hampton Roads is Upon Us

Hello Hampton Roads,

According to ATTOM Data Solutions, the best month to sell your home in Hampton Roads is June!

Nationally, the top 5 days to sell yeilding the highest percentage above market are as follows:
June 28th               9.1% above market
February 15th        9.0% above market
May 31st                 8.3% above market
May 29th                8.2% above market
June 21st                 8.1% above market

Check out their interactive Tableau which shows the best month to sell by metro area:

As a seller trying to sell your home, the most important points to selling your home quickly and for the best price are as follows:

Don't Over Price --Every seller thinks their home is worth more than their neighbor's but when pricing, keep it within neighborhood values. An overpriced home tends to sit on the market, especially if it is the most expensive in the community where recent sales do not support the list price. To see current values in your neighborhood and an estima…

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