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Top 7 Ways to Make Your Home Purchase Pay for Itself

Hello Hampton Roads,

Purchasing a home is arguably the biggest financial decision a person makes in his or her life, so naturally a lot of planning and saving goes into this decision.  While saving money to prepare for this purchase is important, why not also consider ways to make the home purchase pay for itself? 

Here are  the Top 7 Ways to Make Your Home Purchase Pay for Itself

Get down payment assistance or a home buyer's grant! 70% of home buyers don't know that these programs exist and you could be walking away from free money.Consider purchasing a duplex or multi-family home and living in one of the units. You can use a low downpayment FHA loan to purchase up to a 4 unit multi-family as long as you live in one of the units.If you qualify, consider taking advantage of the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) and save on your federal income taxes for every year you own the homeGot a spare room or mother in law suite? Consiider a roommate for a long term rental to help pay for …

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