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The Quality Hampton Roads Area Schools

Hello Hampton Roads,

Have you ever wondered about the quality of schools in our area? Many people purchase homes based on the school district and better schools tend to support higher home values.  To help evaluate the public school system in Hampton Roads, there are a couple of resources I would recommend.

The first is the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has a wealth of information valuable to all parents of school aged children.  The quality of schools is based on a number of factors including accreditation, proficiency in subjects such reading, math, sciences and attendence rates to name a few.  The website also offers insight into the learning climate noting incidents that detract from a learning environment as well as teacher quality, noting teacher-student ratios and levels of educational degrees achieved.

Report cards are also available for each school division, a particular school, and the state of Virginia.  To give you an idea of how each school system fared comp…

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