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These Tips Will Help You Choose the Best Mortgage & Save You Thousands

Hello Hampton Roads,

The key to choosing the best mortgage loan and savings thousands is to do your research ahead of time.  Just like you put time, energy and forethought into the kind of house you want, the features it has to have, and neighborhood you want to live in, the same attention should be given to the type of mortgage loan you use and how it can best serve you.  Not all loans are created equal and there are certainly things you can do both before and after you get a mortgage that can literally save you thousands!

Before You Get a Mortgage
Your credit standing will play a large roll in the types of loans and programs available to you. When considering your options, it's not just about down payment amounts, interest rates and fees, but also the ability to use and combine programs with down payment assistance and grants.  These are available for first time buyers or community partners (teachers, medical workers, police, firefighters, military and first responders).  Man…

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