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Is Selling Your Home FSBO Worth It?

Hello Hampton Roads, In today's hot seller's market with limited inventory and home prices hitting all time highs, you may be thinking about selling your house on your own and potentially saving some money. It's certainly natural to think this since many homes are selling in a matter of days and the time to try selling for sale by owner (FSBO) would be in a strong seller's market, but is selling FSBO really worth it? Just as buying a home is usally the biggest financal purchase in a person's life, the sale of a home is usually the largest selling transaction. Most home buyers use and rely on professional representation and sellers would benefit similarly. If it were more beneficial to sell a home FSBO, I believe we would see the majority of homes being sold this way, but this isn't the case. FSBO listings have always played a small role in the market. Since 2018 the percentage of national FSBO sales has been consistently between 4%-6% of monthly listings. The nu

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