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🏑 Home Sweet Hedge: How Owning a Home Can Protect Your Finances πŸ’Έ

Hello Hampton Roads,   Even though June's CPI inflation number came out lower than expected, there's no denying that people don't feel the effects. For example, have you ever found yourself worrying about the constant rise in prices? Groceries, gas, and even your favorite cup of coffee seem to get more expensive by the day. It’s no wonder inflation is a hot topic! Check out this recent tweet from The Koibessi Letter to get a better grasp on how much prices have risen:  But did you know that owning a home could be your best defense against inflation? Hard assets like real estate is a well known inflation hedge. Let’s dive into how homeownership can protect your financial future and offer you peace of mind. 1. Stable Housing Costs Imagine this: while your friends who are renting are dealing with yearly rent hikes, you’re comfortably making the same mortgage payment month after month. When you own a home with a fixed-rate mortgage, your principal and interest payments remain s

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