Thinking of Selling Your Home but Worried About Finding a New Home in this Hot Market?

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Does this sound like you?  I want to sell my home, but I’m worried I won’t find a place to live before it sells! If you are thinking of selling your home but worried about buying a new home in this hot market, you’re not alone.  As a seller, you’ll most likely sell your home quickly at a higher price, but as a buyer, these same conditions make finding a home take a little longer.  The good news is that you can work with the market and implement strategies to help you transition to a new home as smoothly as possible.

If you want to work with the market, you first have to understand it.  According to the latest MLS statistics from April 2021, single family homes in all 7 cities throughout Hampton Roads have sold for over the list price! This means that there is less negotiation on price, and more competition and limited inventory are driving prices up even higher.  The market is on the extreme side of favoring sellers for now, but market extremes don’t last and as a seller you can use the current environment to your advantage to help you both sell and buy. 

Here’s how:

  • Give yourself the time to move. If you know when you’d like to move make this known in the listing so buyers can see your preferred settlement date.
  • If you are actively looking, make the closing date contingent on your finding the home of your choice.
  • Negotiate a seller rent back from the buyer and rent back for a month or two if needed. You may also be able to negotiate a free rent back depending on how strong the market is in your neighborhood.
  • If you get a great offer and the buyer really needs possession of the house a little sooner than you anticipated and that would still work for you, negotiate for buyer to cover a portion of your moving expenses.
  • If you are able, put your belongings in storage and consider a short term rental, staying with family or friends, or house sitting if that option is available to you
  • If you are fortunate enough to be able to purchase without selling your current home, this is a great position to be in since you can buy your new home and then put your old home on the market.

As a seller, you have options and can craft the sale of your home to work to your advantage.  If you’ve been thinking of selling and would like more information, see my free 2021 Home Selling Guide.  And if your curious about home sales in your area and what your home could sell for, visit:


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