New Construction--Among the Best Deals On The Market Today!

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Buying a new construction home can be both rewarding and exciting and it may surprise you but this is where I am seeing some of the best deals on the market today! People tend to gravitate to new construction for a number of reasons and among the most popular are customization, warranties, low maintenance/energy efficiency, modern amenties and incentives.  Because home prices have gone up so much, the premium between new construction and newer built homes (homes that are 1-3 yrs old) is shrinking so for many buyers, it's worth it to pay the premium and get all the added benefits.

New Construction in Hampton Roads

Let's take a look at the benefits mentioned above:

Who doesn't love the idea of owning a home that's built just for you? With new construction, buyers can select certain options and upgrades to suit their taste.  You can choose the model, the layout, the finishes, flooring, light fixtures and appliances to truly create the home of your dreams.

Low Maintenance/Energy Efficiency
New construction homes are built accoding to the latest standards and code. These homes are more energy efficient and can even have Energy Star appliances, low E windows, and other green features.  The warranties are also an attractive perk: The 1 yr builder's warranty, and the 5 year structural warranty mean low maintenance costs and peace of mind.

Modern Amenities
New construction homes are designed to include modern amenities like open floor plans, high ceilings, walk-in closets, and bonus rooms like offices and playrooms.  They are designed with the modern lifestyle in mind.

Last but not least are the buyer incentives! In Hampton Roads we are still in a seller's market where homes are still selling for top dollar and buyer concessions are not as common as they were in years past. Building a home is an expensive undertaking all around and for builders, the faster they sell the better it is for them--it frees up capital and lowers holding costs. As an incentive, several builders are offering conessions to buyers any where from 1%-3% to cover closing costs or buy down the rate. What is offered varies from builder to builder.  In addtion, if a buyer chooses to work with a builder's preferred lender, their lender may also offer a lender credit (I've seen 1%) to either go towards closing costs or buy down the rate. 

So as you can see, buying a new construction home is a great deal for many reasons! If you are looking for a new construction home, make sure you do your due diligence and work with a reputable builder with a proven track record of quality construction and customer satisfaction.   Lastly, if you would like a custom list of new construction homes, feel free to contact me, I'm happy to help.

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