Attention First Time Home Buyers!

Hello Hampton Roads:

Are you in the market to buy your first home or do you know someone who is?
Today's real estate market affords a great opportunity for buyers with more affordable home prices given the downward pressure on prices as well as a more expansive selection of inventory.

According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors), over the past 30 years home values have risen 6% annually. This means that on average, the value of a home nearly doubles every 10 years.
For those of you considering buying your first home, take note of these 2 important facts:

  1. 60% of the average home owner's wealth comes from their home equity
  2. The average home owner's net worth is 46X greater than the net worth of those who rent.

There are many great homes available in Hampton Roads, and one featured property I would like to bring to your attention is a New Listing in Aragona Village in Virginia Beach--a Single Family Home perfect for the first time home buyer:

Read this doc on Scribd: 5020 Floral Flyer

If you would like more information this property or others or more information about purchasing your first home in general please feel free to contact me.

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