Latest Market Statistics for Hampton Roads Real Estate

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The most recent stats are derived from the REIN (Real Estate Information Network) MLS and portrays the state of the Hampton Roads housing market June 2009 sales information to that of the previous year:

CityJun-08 Jun-09

Virginia Beach

Avg List Price$470,462.00$462,107.00
Median List Price$327,482.00$315,000.00
Avg Sales Price$318,937.00$293,382.00
Median Sales Price$250,000.00$243,750.00


Avg List Price$361,432.00$329,627.00
Median List Price$328,900.00$305,950.00
Avg Sales Price$288,368.00$270,431.00
Median Sales Price$280,000.00$249,900.00


Avg List Price$322,591.00$310,044.00
Median List Price$249,000.00$229,900.00
Avg Sales Price$259,514.00$223,649.00
Median Sales Price$200,000.00$195,900.00


Avg List Price$216,701.00$196,167.00
Median List Price$187,000.00$178,000.00
Avg Sales Price$197,209.00$168,013.00
Median Sales Price$185,000.00$163,000.00


Avg List Price$360,842.00$329,564.00
Median List Price$309,900.00$282,450.00
Avg Sales Price$311,898.00$254,336.00
Median Sales Price$278,500.00$234,900.00


Avg List Price$255,984.00$233,993.00
Median List Price$224,876.00$199,900.00
Avg Sales Price$207,299.00$190,897.00
Median Sales Price$192,000.00$187,500.00

Newport News

Avg List Price$243,308.00$221,751.00
Median List Price$224,000.00$199,900.00
Avg Sales Price$210,151.00$187,397.00
Median Sales Price$202,000.00$189,000.00

What this shows us is that both list price and sales price for each city is down compared to a year ago. The lowest average sales price can be found in Portsmouth where the the average sold price is just above $168,000.00. The highest average sold price is in Virginia Beach, where the average sold price stands at $293,382.

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