Merry Christmas Hampton Roads!

Hello Hampton Roads,

Merry Christmas to you and your family! This holiday makes me think of how grateful I am for everything and everyone in my life so today I thought I'd share with you a beautiful poem from a friend and mentor of mine who recently passed this year but is ever present in mind and heart.

It is called "Giving Thanks" by Gordon D. Vaughan.

Giving Thanks

Thank you Sun
For renewing the hope of another day's love.
For windows/shining
For unfaling shoulder shaking

Thank you Wind
For my upturned collar
For hair tugging
For autumn's golden snowfall
For lake rippling, duck bobbing.
Kite dancing, lamp flickering
For smoke washing the winter sky.

Thank you Rain
For puddle dimpling
For rainbow propping April's heaven with God's eternal promise
For people huddling
For giving the wise old cat a perfect excuse 
For her contented fire gazing.

Above all, thank you O Lord,
For giving me an awareness 
Without which I could not accept your gifts.

Thanks for Reading,

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