Benefits of Buying a Home in the Fall

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With the peak of the real estate market behind us, October and November can be a great time to buy a house. The majority of home buyers usually plan on waiting until the March or April to buy a home, but the savvy home buyers prefer the off-season months.

Less Competition:  Home shopping in the off season means you are less likely to be competing with other buyers and with fewer buyers in the market, there is less chance of someone outbidding you.

Beter Pricing and More Negotiation Power:  With the rush of the spring season gone, homes tend to stay on the market a little longer and sellers are more willing to reduce the price which gives you the opportunity to buy at a discount.  Buying in the slower season also gives you more negotiation power depending on how long the home has been on the market.

Less Pressure to Purchase Quickly:  The hot spring and summer markets are known for their faster pace with homes selling more quickly.  The speed of the market tends to put extra pressure on buyers to make an offer quickly or risk losing the house.  In the fall buyers have the opportunity to move at their own pace and not feel rushed in the process.

A New Home for the Holidays:  Just as it is enticing for buyers to dream of a new home for the holidays, sellers also desire to sell before the holidays so they can enjoy their time with family and friends and not have to be concerned about selling their house.

See The Home in a New Light:  A change in seasons can reveal a more conspicuous view of the home especially after the leaves have dropped and foilage no longer covers the exterior of the house.  A closer look may reveal damage that would otherwise go unnoticed when things are in full bloom.

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