How to Be a Successfull Buyer in a Seller's Market

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If you want to learn how to be a successful buyer in a seller's market you are in the right place!  As a home buyer in today's market, it's not easy. The best properties sell quickly and often for over asking.  You may be experiencing this first hand--putting in multiple offers. competing with other buyers,  only to have your offer lose out to a higher one and then having to start the process all over again.  

Successful Home Buyer in a Seller's Market

It's disheartening!

But, there are buyers successfully buying homes this market and you can too!  There are things you can do to help yourself and increase your chances of getting your offer accepted.  I want to share with you 3 of my best tips to help my homebuyers:

  • Tip 1 Move Quickly and Act Decisivly
  • Tip 2 Put Your Best "No Regrets Offer" Forward
  • Tip 3 Make Time Work for You

Tip 1 Move Quickly and Act Decisivly
You have to move with the market or get left out.  If you wait to see a home, it may not be there. If you wait to put in an offer, the home may already be under contract

Tip 2 Put Your Best "No Regrets Offer" Forward
Remember it's a competitive market so you want to make your best offer upfront becuase you may not get a second chance.  Put in a offer where you will have "no regrets" or no cause for second guessing yourself wondering if your offer would have been accepted if you would have gone up a little more in price. 

Tip 3 Make Time Work For You
Put in your best offer and give the seller a deadline. It's competitive and they know that you have to move to next property if this one doesn't work out so you know where your offer stands sooner rather than later. Rememver fortune favors the bold! 

I like to say that the best buyer is an educateed buyer and I encourage anyone thinking of buying to have  a buyer consultation. It's free and in my opinion, critical to your success. In a buyer consultation you learn where the market stands, where it might be headed and what it means to you as a buyer. You also find out the steps in the home buying process and what you can do next. 

Schedule a free call and we can talk about your home buying plans and the best way to get you there. 

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